How can you resell your virtual property?

How can you resell your virtual property?

Before or after your acquisition, you have probably already asked yourself how you can resell your virtual property.

There are two ways of doing this. The first one is to put your virtual property up for sale on OpenSea or any other similar marketplace.

The second way is to negotiate face-to-face with the potential buyer and determine the amount of the transaction (it can be cash, cryptocurrency...) Then transfer the NFT to its future owner. Upstream, you must obviously determine the value of your NFT.

For this, several factors should be considered:

  1. The prestige of the purchased address. A virtual property located in Times Square will have more value and will attract more buyers than one in an unknown location.
  2. The notoriety of Tilia.Earth. The more the metaverse develops, the more valuable it becomes.
  3. We advise you to choose a reasonable selling price. If the percentage difference between the price paid and the price offered for sale is too high, you have much less chance of selling your property.
  4. We recommend using CoinMarletCap to track the exchange rate:

In parallel, we are developing the possibility to resell virtual properties directly on Tilia.Earth without having to go through an external marketplace like OpenSea.

Go to Tilia.Earth and trade properties directly with their owners. The Yankee stadium in New York, emblematic luxury hotels in Miami such as the Fontainebleau, the tallest buildings in the world like the Burj Khalifa, or sumptuous properties located on the seaside in Monaco... There is a huge variety available!